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The original kayak from which most modern sea kayaks derived is the Greenland Style.

Typically low-volume hunting boats, they are more for a day trip than a long expedition, but can accomodate some gear as well.

Easy to turn, edge and roll, these are fun kayaks!

Petrel: If I had to have just one kayak, this would be it, she is a dainty boat that dances on the waves, responding to a subtle shift of the hips and at home in almost any conditions, 5.2 metres long and 51 cm wide.

Night Heron: Longer but just as narrow, this 5.5 metre by 51 cm "big sister" can carry a lot more gear, and has a lot more room for bigger paddlers

Black Pearl: This legendarily beautiful kayak is tailored to each customer by her designer, Bjorn Thomasson and therefore varies from 4.6 to 5.8 metres long and from 47 to 49 cm wide. Really breathtaking.