Bespoke Kayak

My forte is building kayaks, not designing them, I can build any design you would like me to. I have listed a few designs which I recommend in four basic categories to the left.

I can tailor designs to fit you exactly, with the cockpit made to your specification, bulkheads placed to fit you, the size and type of hatches you wish, and the wood, patterns, lettering and logos you request.

Of course I am happy to help you choose a design, and highly recommend Nick Schade’s range of designs, which you can find on his website, Guillemot Kayaks. He offers something for almost everyone, and his boats are well-proven.

Naturally I can build other designers' kayaks, Bjorn Thomasson is a well-known Swedish designer,Rob Macks of Laughing Loon designs wonderful Baidarkas and there are others.

Please get in touch and we can discuss the best kayak for you.