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The Baidarka kayaks evolved in the Aleutian Islands, and have an immediately recognisable split "bifid" bow and transom stern. Famed for being both fast and very seaworthy, they are much harder to build than the more common Greenland style kayaks, and will attract attention wherever you go.

North Star: Built for larger people or long expeditions, 5.6 metres long and 57 cm wide she is unexpectedly fast and immensely seaworthy, especially in larger seas and following waves.

Shooting Star: Smaller and built for speed, only 5 metres long and 53 cm wide she will startle you by being one of the fastest kayaks you own. 

Aleutesque: As implied by the name, this is not a true Baidarka but rather one designer's interpretation of what a Baidarka might have evolved into in modern times. 5.5 metres long and 51 cm wide, she is more stable than you would expect and quick while carrying a reasonable amount of gear.